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Bronte Alexander, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant and Sessional Tutor

Bronte Alexander, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant and Sessional Tutor

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Robert Mason
Senior Lecturer

Robert Mason, PhD, is Chair of the 2022 AILASA Conference Organising Committee. He is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University. Robert's research focusses on public histories and heritage connected with violent, colonial and contested pasts. He has a particular focus on the entangled histories and heritage of the Spanish, Portuguese and British in Australia, Asia, and the Americas.


Alexander Bronte
PhD Candidate

Bronte Alexander is a PhD candidate at Griffith University. Her thesis draws on social and cultural geography to investigate the mobilities of migrants and refugees in urban spaces and sites of institutional care. Bronte’s research is particularly interested in the military-humanitarian response to Venezuelan migration in northern Brazil and the implications to human security and everyday lived experience.  


Rafael de Azeredo
PhD Candidate

Rafael Azeredo is a PhD candidate and sessional academic at Griffith University. His research interests include sociology of migration, and broader relations between Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. As part of his PhD thesis, Rafael is currently undertaking ethnographic research on Brazilian migration to Queensland, Australia. Rafael also has extensive experience working within Australia’s international education sector.

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Lauren Chalk
PhD Candidate

Lauren Chalk (she/her) researches and works in cultural heritage and museums. Working across a broad range of museums―from community-based spaces to national institutions―Lauren has developed practical skills and experiences to complement her educational background in Museum Studies (UCL). Lauren is currently a PhD candidate (Griffith University) researching community and institutional heritage practices related to the Latinx-Caribbean popular music genre, reggaeton. This project explores the role that the GLAM sector plays in achieving social and cultural justice -- using digital methodologies to communicate her research.  

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J Renée Clark
PhD Candidate

Renée is a Ph.D. candidate in critical heritage and memory studies at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. Her research focuses on how a heritage of dictatorship catalyses attitudes in a democracy during times of national crisis. Her interests concentrate on participatory heritage (most specifically through heritage activism), difficult heritage, heritage of protest, the embodied performances of protest, cultural trauma, postmemory and museum studies. Her Ph.D. project uses Chile’s recent protest movement of O-18 as a case study. Currently, she lives and researches in Ottawa, Canada


Stefan Jatschka
PhD Candidate

Stefan Jatschka is a sessional lecturer and tutor in creative writing and literary studies at Griffith University. His research investigates travel memoir writing processes, memory and creative nonfiction. He has edited a special issue on travel writing in TEXT and his creative work appeared in Talent Implied and in The Incompleteness Book published by Recent Work Press. 


Griffith University is the host for AILASA's 2022 conference. Our researchers engage with Spain, Portugal and Latin America from perspectives that include museum studies and sociology, linguistics and political science, creative writing and history. The School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science is the home of many of the University's researchers on Iberian and Latin American Studies.

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Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research is the primary research centre for Humanities and the Social Sciences in Griffith University, and is the host element for the conference.