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Robert Mason,

Senior Lecturer

Robert Mason, PhD, is Chair of the 2020 AILASA Conference Organising Committee. He is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University. His research focuses on heritage, memory, and violence, and he has particular interest in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities in Asia, Australia and North America. His most recent research focuses on critical heritage studies and protest movements in contemporary Mexico.

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Laura Rodriguez Castro, Resident Adjunct Research Fellow

Laura Rodriguez Castro, PhD, is a Resident Adjunct Research Fellow at the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research and Sessional Lecturer at Griffith University. Her research focuses on the intersections of decoloniality, feminisms and rurality. She is a 2019–2020 Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Research Fellow with a project entitled ‘Advancing Peace and Conflict Studies from The Ground: Women’s Oral Testimonies and Historical Memory in Colombia’. 


Stephanie Natolo,

Sessional Lecturer

Stephanie Natolo, PhD, is a researcher and sessional lecturer in Spanish at Griffith University, and a consultant at Claremont Graduate University, California. Her doctoral research examined the Argentinean community in Australia, with focus on the intergenerational maintenance and transmission of Rioplatense Spanish and Argentinean identity. Her research interests include Spanish language maintenance, and Argentinean identity.


Stefan Jatschka,

PhD Candidate and Sessional Tutor

Stefan Jatschka is in his second year of his PhD at Griffith University. With his project he explores emotional gaps in autobiographical memory and how travel memoirs can be used as a tool to explore mother-son relationships. He has been published in Talent Implied and Getamungsti 


Bronte Alexander, PhD Candidate, Research Assistant and Sessional Tutor

Bronte Alexander is a PhD candidate at Griffith University. Her thesis draws on social and cultural geography to investigate the human experience of mobility through the intersection of refugee and disability studies. She is particularly interested in the current movement of migrants from Venezuela through the urban spaces of northern Brazil.


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Griffith University is the host for AILASA's 2020 conference. Our researchers engage with Spain, Portugal and Latin America from perspectives that include museum studies and sociology, linguistics and political science, creative writing and history. The School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science is the home of many of the University's research on Iberian and Latin American Studies.