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Just Futures: Exploring pathways of futurity and justice


The Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia (AILASA) is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 2022 Conference ‘Just Futures’. AILASA exists as the region’s peak body for humanities and social science research and engagement with Latin America and Iberia. Scholars (whether from Australia, New Zealand, or further afield) are warmly invited to submit abstracts that broadly align with the following conference theme. 

Concepts of justice are complex, reflecting social and cultural change in societies, but also historical continuities across time and space. Scholars across a range of humanities and social science disciplines have progressively extended our understanding of justice from a legalistic sense, although there remains an important intersection in Latin America and Iberia between justice, democratic accountability, and recovery following dictatorship and violence.  

Terms such as cultural justice, environmental justice, historical justice and sexual justice now sit alongside the more established terms social justice and transitional justice. All such language direct our attention to a sense of possibility, vision, and hope across historical and contemporary societies. We include visions of the future at the core of our conference – and the hope to transform, re-imagine, or challenge the concept of justice underpins our intentions for conference.  

Papers are welcome in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The conference theme does not define the limit of our interests, and we welcome papers across a broad range of creative, social, and historical areas. We particularly invite papers that consider, but are not limited to the following topics:  

  • Translations and new understandings of possibility, the past, and the future 

  • Interculturality and language that challenges our understanding of social justice 

  • New possibilities to understand cultural and social justice through heritage 

  • The challenge truth and justice has posed to dictatorial or military regimes 

  • Transformations of democracy and activism over time  

  • Creativity’s capacity to empower people to communicate hope 

  • Enabling new understanding of inclusion through language and education  

  • Climate justice, politics, and hope.

Papers will be up to 15 minutes in duration. Presentations may be delivered in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

All presenters will pre-record their paper and upload it to the designated conference website. Please see our How-To Guides for detailed instructions outlining the procedures for the uploading of your paper closer to the conference date.

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