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AILASA Conference Online: How it works

The conference papers, panels, and discussion will take place on the Whova Event online platform.


The committee will organise papers into panels by theme, as with a normal conference.

Presenters will pre-record their papers and upload them to the online platform.

We will also provide a suite of live online workshops for HDR and ECRs, involving papers and live activities hosted by leaders in the topics.

The Keynote Presentations will be available online. In addition, we encourage all attendees to join us for a simultaneous broadcast of the Keynote Presentations at in-person events throughout Australia's major centres. We hope that these events will provide much needed face to face interaction and networking opportunities.


Conference costs are scaled according to income. This is in recognition of the ongoing impact of the pandemic on people's capacity to pay for conference attendance.

Please choose the scale that you think is fair in your circumstance.  For those currently not working or in precarious positions, please contact our committee to discuss alternative options. 

HDRs $25 AUS

Non-salaried Academics $50 AUS
Salaried Academics $100 AUS
Salaried Academics - Associate Professor & Professor $120 AUS

Non-Presenting Non-salaried $20 AUS

Non-Presenting Salaried $90 AUS